’s 5 in 3 Non-Profit Leadership Series: Pamela King, Founder of Classless Conversations
3 min readDec 4, 2020
Pamela is the Founder and Director of ClassLess Conversations, L.L.C.

Welcome to’s 5 in 3 non-profit leadership series. We ask non-profit leaders all over the world to answer 5 question about their non-profit experience to create this 3-minute piece.’s mission is to empower organizations to thrive, inspire, and serve the world. Though we primarily do this through technology, providing a platform to share the stories and experiences of leaders in the non-profit space is also an important part of executing on that mission.

I am pleased to introduce Pamela King. Pamela is the Founder and Director of ClassLess Conversations, L.L.C. As an inspirational speaker, master facilitator, and leadership coach, Pam equips individuals and organizations with the tools they need to live their values while having extraordinary impact. She gained over a decade of nonprofit leadership experience while also serving in the U.S. Air Force and was honored as the Air Force Materiel Command NAACP Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award. In 2009, Pam founded DIVAS Fellowship and Outreach Ministry to provide peer support to survivors of sexual assault. After retiring from the military in 2016, she launched the Greater St. Louis Chapter of Our Community Listens, strengthening communities in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois, including Scott Air Force Base. Pam now uses her nonprofit experience as the volunteer Co-Chair of the Missouri and Arkansas Regional Diversity & Inclusion Council.

How did you get your start in the non-profit space?

I started working in the nonprofit space by following my passion for service to others in an area I felt very strongly about. After meeting with many sexual assault survivors one-to-one, during lunch or in the evening, I saw a need for creating a peer-support community to encourage one another in their journey to healing. After the group tripled in size, so did the need for funding and additional resources. I was determined to support these courageous survivors and launched my first nonprofit, that is when my journey officially began.

What is one challenge you’ve encountered that you didn’t expect while working for a non-profit?

Like other nonprofits, one of the challenges we faced was the lack of office space to meet with our members, host sessions, share resources, and create community. We needed an affordable and manageable solution for meetings, teaching classes, and sharing information. We decided to use video technology like Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Dropbox because those resources were free and accessible to members of our group which also minimized the need for physical meeting space. There are so many ways to leverage technology when we creatively seek solutions. We may also discover people with different strengths who share our passion and are willing to partner in ways we never imagined and for far less than we could ever ask.

What is one opportunity you’ve identified because of the changes due to COVID-19?

The power of virtual classrooms. I’ve designed online courses prior to COVID-19, but now I’ve learned to make them more engaging and think inclusively to create deeper connections. Video conferencing can’t replace physical presence, but it can remove the barriers caused by geographic distances, financial constraints, commuting times, and physical limitations. We must be willing to see the world of technology differently.

What is your most effective fundraising medium?

I have found social media to be the most effective fundraising medium. It connects people with stories that inspire action and all it takes are a few reposts, retweets, likes, and a link to compel others to give.

What is one fundraising rule you live by?

People will invest in the things they value. What they value they will share. All they need is a means to pay it forward.

Thank you for sharing your story Pamela.

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