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About Collidescope.io

Empowering corporations and non-profit organizations to thrive, inspire and serve the world through social good. Collidescope.io is a social media analytics and measurement SaaS platform that allows brands, global causes, and influencers to collaborate and measure their cumulative influence and impact. We provide 3rd party validation and transparency into how a brands' social impact marketing dollars are being spent, provide marketing & missionimpact measurement, and identify optimizations. We also utilize the insights from these campaigns to build scoring that informs how these campaigns contribute to a companies ESG efforts. Companies are seeing an opportunity to add corporate social responsibility (CSR) to their operations by pivoting towards activities that have social and environmental impact (doing good) while generating financial returns (creating value). In 2020, companies spent over $20B on their CSR initiatives. However, they are seeking better value for their money and returns on investment in terms of business and social outcomes, and expecting nonprofits to be more accountable and transparent than ever. For context, there are an estimated 10 million nonprofit organizations (or non-governmental organizations) worldwide and if they were a country, they would have the 5th largest economy in the world. For more info go to www.collidescope.io

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